Providing Quality Care for Adults & Children

Address: 3410 La Dova Way Springdale, Maryland 20774| Phone: 240-620-1003 |Fax: 240-235-4262


Welcome to Pinnacle Health and Allied Services

At Pinnacle Health and Allied Services, we provide quality healthcare services for adults and children in the comfort of their own homes
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Why Choose Pinnacle Health and Allied Services?

Most Insurances Accepted
We accept most insurances which minimizes your out-of-pocket expenses.
Qualified Caregivers
All of our staff are thoroughly screened and undergo the required training.
Flexible Scheduling
We provide care that are tailored to your individual need
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
We promise outstanding services and satisfaction to our clients and family. 
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Enjoy Peace of Mind
You can't always be there. But we can.

Pinnacle Health and Allied Services - our dedicated caregivers are ready to help your loved ones in the comfort of their own homes.
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What Our Clients are Saying


"I really have to thank Pinnacle Healthcare Services for saving my father. We had a few scary situations with my father living at home alone after my mother passed away. We hired an hourly caregiver to come in and check on my father and make sure he is eating properly and that the house is secure. I can't believe we didn't do this sooner."

- Corey L.


"After my father passed away we had my mother move into our downstairs apartment. We are not retired and both my husband and I have full time jobs. We were concerned about my mother taking a fall or being lonely during the times we weren't home. An hourly caregiver was the best decision we ever made to our peace of mind and my mother's well-being."

- Carol M.  


"My mother needed some extra help and care around the house after her hip surgery. My wife and I couldn't always be there for her due to our busy schedules.Pinnacle Healthcare Services's caregivers have given us peace of mind and have helped my mother a great deal. I give them my highest recommendation!"

- Michael F.  


"Staff is very kind and easy to work with my dad loves it here. I would recommend Pinnacle"

- Dan.